Texas born, LYNDA KAY, is also known as the "triple-threat" for her singing, stomping, and strumming (her amazing ability to sing, play tenor guitar, and keep rhythm on her homemade suitcase drum kit all at the same time). She found her voice by listening to her father's Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline albums, and, against her father's will, the more raucous, Wanda Jackson. As a songwriter and storyteller, LYNDA KAY weaves tales of truth, heartache, and defiance with melodies as original as the stories she reveals.

Rockabilly Guitar Legend DANNY B. HARVEY was also born in Texas, and played in the psychobilly band 13 Cats before meeting LYNDA KAY. "Virtuoso", is the word most often used to describe DANNY B. and his unique style of finger-picking, which like his idol Merle Travis, he also developed while growing up in rural Kentucky. A well-respected guitarist, record producer, and composer DANNY B. has worked with many notable artists, including Johnny Ramone, Nancy Sinatra, Lemmy (Motorhead), and Wanda Jackson.

Coincidentally, it was while DANNY B. was producing the latest Wanda Jackson CD "I Remember Elvis", that he received a demo from LYNDA KAY, who reminded him so much of a young Wanda, he immediately asked her to sing background vocals on the CD. While working in the studio together they quickly discovered a strong musical and artistic connection. Both of them sharing a deep love of honky-tonk, rockabilly, and garage music. Inspired by each other's creativity, they soon became inseparable, recording, writing, and rehearsing together almost daily. Before long, they had developed their own original signature HONKY-TONK GARAGE sound and the LONESOME SPURS were born.

Although described as "THE WHITE STRIPES OF COUNTRY," the secret to the LONESOME SPURS' success is their unique instrumentation, evocative songs, and truly original style. Since forming less than a year ago, the LONESOME SPURS have signed a major record deal with the Cleopatra Records" subsidiary Rockabilly Records and their worldwide debut album will be available August 29, 2006. Recorded in "LONESOME SPURS STUDIO" with just the two of them performing live and without overdubs, their groundbreaking new album captures all the soul and energy of their legendary live concerts. Now living in Los Angeles, the LONESOME SPURS have garnered respect from musicians and fans alike in such diverse genres as country, punk, folk, blues, rock, and garage. Look for the LONESOME SPURS to bring their own special brand of HONKY-TONK GARAGE to a town near you!